Noise Abatement Procedure

Pictured above is the current Noise Abatement Procedure (click to enlarge)

Noise Abatement Procedures

Please utilize the following procedures when operating at the airport as long as they don’t compromise the safety of your flight.

Your compliance with the following procedures is requested unless otherwise required by FAR’s, Weather conditions or aircraft limitations.


Traffic pattern altitude 6,050 MSL

Pilots are requested to operate their aircraft at the most reduced power settings in the airport traffic pattern or while entering the pattern consistent with safety.  This should result in a reduced number of extended final approaches.

Pilots should climb to at least 700 hundred feet AGL after takeoff before turning crosswind.
Runway 29 should be used for most operations and recommended when the wind is less than 5 knots from the east and expected to remain less than 5 knots, at the pilot’s discretion and consistent with safe operating procedures.

Pilots are requested to avoid making touch and go landings at the Longmont Municipal Airport before 8AM and after 8PM.

Early morning departures before 7 a.m., are requested to depart straight out reducing power setting consistent with safe operating procedures.

For those with controllable pitch propellers, reduce RPM as soon as feasible to minimize your noise footprint.

Fly a tight pattern.  RY 29 downwind leg should be approximately 1/2 to 3/4 mile south of the runway.

RY 11 downwind leg approximately 1/2 to 3/4 mile north of the runway.
When on approach, fly the VASI.

When departing RY 29 do not make immediate turns to the north.  Climb straight out on runway heading one mile to gain additional altitude before turning.

Avoid flying over the city and outlying residential areas as much as possible.

FAR Part 91 requires 1,000 FT/AGL when flying over congested areas.  If you can fly an additional 500 to 1,000 feet in addition to FAR Part 91 requirements, it will further lessen the airport’s impact on the community.

Community Concerns
The airport receives numerous complaints each year regarding flight operations over the City.  Many of these complaints can be avoided with some common courtesy and practical adherence to the noise abatement procedures.  The following acts of flying cause the greatest concern to the community and harm the airport’s relationship with the community:

Flying in circles around the community over housing areas.

Flying lower than 1,000 FT/AGL over the city.

Performing aerobatics maneuvers over houses.

Continual late night operations of touch and go’s after 9 p.m.

Flying low over farm land to the west and north of the airport.

Remember, not everyone in and around the community is an aviation enthusiast.  Please keep in mind the impact you will be causing to those on the ground.  By avoiding the above mentioned community concerns and adhering to the Noise Abatement Procedures, we will have much better support from the community.