Welcome to the unofficial blog for Longmont's Vance Brand Municipal Airport

(identifier KLMO)


This site (began in 2002) contains mostly historical information for Longmont Airport and is occasionally updated by those who are airport supporters. You also may come across broken links created by local media buyouts and city website redesigns. For more up to date info from airport supporters regarding the airport, you can find an active airport community on Facebook

  • Looking for the official city website for the airport? You can find it at this link.
  • Flying in and looking for a hotel in Longmont?  Check this TripAdvisor link. You can also find airport information at AirNav here. Longmont Airport also has an on-airport mobile cafe, Flight Deck Grill.
  • For updated info on Mile Hi Skydiving's operation, the recent lawsuit they won, and the always entertaining (and recently updated) Noise Complaint Logs, click here.
  • Read the Facts & Myths page, a combination of FAQ and Mythbusters 
  • If you want to read archives of public comments about the airport, see the Times Call's Open Forum letters, and TC Line comments.
  • Actual noise readings around Longmont.  Results may surprise you. (Taken in 2010)
  • If you’d like to read the airport archives that go back to 1927, click here.
  • If you are a pilot or airport neighbor unfamiliar with Longmonts Noise Abatement Procedures, click here.